Babymoov Cosydream Plus – Smokey


All the benefits of the Cosydream with a built-in wedge to prevent reflux
  • Back is supported and legs are raised to aid baby’s digestion and Microbead positioning roll can be adjusted to the size of your baby
  • Integrated anatomical headrest for a nice round head
  • Sloped at an angle of 15° to keep your baby’s airways clear
  • Ventilated fabric around the head, back and nape of the neck
  • Cushioning effect to reassure baby while laying down on their back, as recommended to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)


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Product Description

Beneficial Design

Your baby can easily be disturbed by minor complaints: colic, regurgitation, blocked nose…Relax – Babymoov’s Cosydream Plus lounger is just what you need! With its anatomical shape and support belt, the Cosydream Plus keeps your baby comfortably on its back (in accordance with WHO recommendations).


Tilted at an angle of 15°, it keeps your baby’s airways clear and reduces regurgitation. And to aid digestion, the adjustable microbead-filled positioning roll raises your little one’s legs. This “tuck position” keeps babies in place and reminds them of their nine months in their mom’s womb. And there’s another special feature – the Cosydream(+) includes an anatomical headrest. This reduces the risk of flat head syndrome.


Designed with your baby’s body shape in mind, a choice of soft and breathable materials… everything has been created and approved with our co-creator parents.

Why you will love it

  • Ensures optimal safety for baby when he/she is lying on his/her back
  • 15° incline: Helps baby breathe better, the nose and mouth aren’t obstructed
  • Anti-slip system: adjustable microbead positioning roll adjustable according to baby’s size
  • Reducer effect with cushioned edges to reassure baby and prevent startle reflex
  • Fitted head support for a nice round head
  • Adapts perfectly to baby’s shape
  • Soft cotton fabric and shape memory-foam
  • Breathable materials
  • Removable washable covers at 30°
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The Cosydream + is a new version of the Cosydream that provides the same great comfort and support for baby with a 15° incline in addition.

When and where use tit

  • Can be used from birth to 4 months
  • Can be used with swaddle / blanket
  • Do not use if baby is capable of turning over on his/her own