Shoosha Baby

Shoosha was created to give people what they truly deserve in an organic product.
To qualify for the Organic USDA seal, 95% of the ingredients must be Certified Organic. The remaining 5% may be non-organic ingredients like vitamins, baking powder, etc. They cannot be chemically treated or processed and must fall within a very restrictive list of allowable ingredients. Both the farmland growing Shoosha’s organic plants and the manufacturing facility blending our products are Certified Organic by the USDA. This certifies that each product can only use surfactants from organic sources (no petrochemicals). Ingredients processed via hydrogenation or sulfation, or synthetic preservatives are all entirely prohibited. Our certification goes beyond the absence of parabens, phalates, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, DEAs and or other harmful ingredients. It raises the bar. Shoosha provides wholesome, gorgeous products for adults and babies.
Truly pure, clean, safe, and wholesome. What Shoosha stands for.

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