Ubabub BOOKSEE Bookshelves Set 2 pk


The Ubabub Booksee bookshelves (set of two) allow you to store your children’s books neatly away while displaying their beautiful covers in a decorative way. Better still, your kids can now clearly see and be inspired to choose their own books.


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Product Description


  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Sturdy quality
  • Adaptable display

Width: 900mm
Height of back panel: 220mm
Depth: 70mm
Colour: Clear

Please Note: Regarding fixing to your walls – Simply fasten to any wall using the series of pre-drilled holes on the back panel of each shelf (these are not visible on the product pictures). These drill holes are suitable for use on stud walls and are not visible once the books are placed on the shelves. Please note that fixings are NOT included with each set as each application may be different.