Tiny Smarts Meadow Days – Christopher Jitter


Take a fun friend along while on-the-go with our Jitter Toy. These adorable clip toys feature soft textures and crinkly fabrics to encourage play. Attach the Jitter Toy to a Gymini® Activity Gym or stroller so that your baby can see it, and at a distance that can easily be reached with an outstretched hand. As baby grows, the Jitter Toy can be held and explored with hands and mouth. Show your baby how to tug at the toy to make it jitter. Babies learn to mimic this action and will soon be able to create the intriguing sounds and movement on their own. The universal clip on each Jitter Toy attaches easily to strollers, carriers and more.

Product Description

  • Uniquely designed developmental black & white Take-Along Mobile for on the go fun
  • THE PERFECT VISUAL STIMULATION-The 3-in-1 developmental mobile’s design uses contrasting black & white colours to encourage baby’s sight from day one.
  • CALMING AUDITORY STIMULATION – 30 mins of continuous music featuring 5 different tunes. Fun music at home and on the go.
  • 3-IN-1 ON THE GO TOY – designated connector allows you to attach the mobile to must play yards, travel cots, strollers, bassinets and more