Qdos Crystal Hardware Mounted Gate


Safety can be brilliant. The Crystal gate blends contemporary modern design and the Qdos higher standard of safety to create an elegant solution of unparalleled safety for your home. Look beyond the beauty of the crystal clear professional grade Acrylic, and you’ll see a world-class gate that meets the toughest European Safety Standards as well as the US and Canadian Standards. The Crystal Hardware Mount Gate features the exclusive FastMount™ Rail, making it truly the simplest hardware mounted gate on the market to install.

The clear silhouette of the Crystal gate allows light to filter through every surface and invites the gate to become a part of your home design. Beauty and Safety, together at last!

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Product Description

  • Qdos Advantages
    Meets tough European Safety Standards, as well as US and Canadian Standards
    The strong and sturdy Qdos Crystal Hardware Mount Gate meets the very tough requirements of the European Safety Standards, as well as the US and Canadian Safety Standards. Many other gates on the US and Canadian markets would not be able to withstand the European testing.
    Qdos FastMount™ Rails for the simplest installation ever of any hardware mounted gate
    Magnetic Lock with At-A-Glance Indicator™ shows when door is securely locked
    Elegant contemporary design made with strong Acrylic
    Adapters for mounting over baseboard included
    Adapters for mounting over quarter round moldings included
    Level included for great and easy install
    Can be temporarily removed if desired
    Can be mounted at angles up to 180 degrees
    Expands to fit openings 29.2” – 39.4” (73 – 100 cm)
    Includes One-Way Stop