Oribel PortaPlay™ Convertible Activity Center – Wonderland Adventures


Our love for literary classics is what inspired our new special edition activity center – a “curiouser and curiouser” version adapted from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The PortaPlay™ Wonderland Adventures, has been made with the same fairy dust that will send lil’ ones giggling delightfully, with animated characters that have been designed to bring out their bright-eyed amazement. Besides all the fun, it is a great learning journey for the lil’ ones to make sure that key developmental objectives are attained and their imaginations stay kindled.

Age Suitability :
Activity Center – 5 to 12 months
Play Table – Up to 5 years old

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Product Description


I Fold…

So I can be carried around and stowed away easily

I Turn…

So I can delight your baby with a variety of toys

I Bounce…

So I can engage and entertain your baby

I Transform…

So I can grow with your child throughout the years


1. Develops Gross Motor Skills through jumping and spinning.

2. Supports Cognitive Development with educational toys.

3. Develops Fine Motor Skills through fun engagement with toys.
4. Play and learn in a Safe Environment. 

Learning Toys

Loopy Hatter
Press the push-down lever to see the Loopy Hatter do a little jig or, hear him squeak like his friend the dormouse by pushing the mirror button.

The Twisty Tree
Straight out of a fairy tale, this twisty tree will entertain for hours. A yellow ladybug and so many colorful discs to play with, what’s there not to like?

Down the Rabbit Hole
It’s time to go on a great adventure. Let’s tumble down the Rabbit Hole and play the starring role in the fairy tale.

The Chomping Poppy
This playing is hungry business and we have earned a snack. So bring some food, mama, and let’s get chomping!

Tippity Dee & Tumbling Dum
Wham, thwack, bash, boom, are just some of the ways to play with these entertaining twins; the rest is for us to discover! Oh, and we love to chew on them too as they are perfectly safe!

Care instructions

• Machine wash seat pad in cold water, delicate cycle.
• Tumble dry, low heat for 10 to 15 minutes.
• Do not use harsh detergents or bleach. Do not dry clean.
• Wipe plastic parts with mild soap and water.

Minimum Age Recommendation

5 months, or when the baby can support their neck and tippy toe in the activity center.

Maximum Weight

20 Lbs


L: 26.8in | 68cm
H: 18.1in | 46cm
Weight: 13.7lbs | 6.2kg

L: 27.2in |  69cm
W: 7.1in | 18cm
H: 26.4in | 67cm
Weight: 20.3 | 9.2kg