Nook NICHE Nursing Pillow – Peacock


It’s easy to see that our Niche Nursing Pillow is wonderfully different in every single way. Unlike those half-moon shaped options, our strategic squared design offers extended use for both breastfed and bottle fed babies. The organic cotton and eucalyptus Pebble cover provides a soft and temperature regulating surface for Mom and Baby while the organic Kapok core is lightweight, breathable and creates the perfect structure for a successful nursing journey. While it may start as a nursing pillow, the Nook Niche will quickly show it is not just a one trick pony. Prop seat for baby, elevated tummy time tool, side sleeper pillow… How will you use your Niche?


Product Description

Enjoy this special journey in the loving arms of Nook’s award-winning Niche Nursing Pillow. Completely organic from the inside and out, both you and baby will be wrapped in soft and breathable comfort. But wait, there is more.

It’s Organic. The Niche Nursing Pillow uses only the most natural materials; Organic Kapok, natural Whisper Liner, Cotton and Eucalyptus.

It’s Antimicrobial. Using earth’s oldest safeguard, natural zinc guards against any unwanted intrusion and keeps the pillow clean and germ free.

It’s Stain Resistant. Nursing can be messy but have no fear- the natural stain resistant barrier is here. Your pillow will be protected against leaks and spit up. Simply wipe away with a damp cloth.

It’s Colorful. Bold and bright or soft and subtle, the Niche is offered in 11 colors that will enhance any nursery or design.

It’s all natural sourced and inspired by nature, every material in the Niche Nursing Pillow is derived from the earth.

It’s Safe. Every material and process that goes into making your Niche Nursing Pillow is highly considered and deemed safe for baby, parents and home.

It’s Breathable. The Pebble Niche Wrap design promotes airflow over and throughout the pillow core, keeping baby and mom cool and comfortable.

Water Resistant. Nanosphere technology offers protection against the inevitable messes without compromising safety.

Sustainable. All of our materials are not only ethically and sustain-ably sourced but we also re-purpose materials whenever possible.

It’s Machine Washable. Simply unzip and throw your Pebble wrap in the washing machine! Its softness, health benefits and color will last wash after wash.

Nook offers a 180-day Limited Warranty on the core and wrap of the Niche from date of purchase with proof of purchase.

It’s Stylish. With 11 colors to choose from, you can swap out wraps to coordinate with the latest pantone and design trends.