Natursutten TEETHER TOY


NATURSUTTENĀ® has a very modern and extremely environmentally friendly packaging in a super nice and implemented Danish design.

  • Natursutten packaging is made in Denmark
  • All paper/cardboard used is FSC certified
  • The little window in the packaging is made from corn
  • Printed with non-toxic inks
  • Environment friendly and biodegradable

Made from FSC certified cardboard, printed with the exclusive use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic ink colors and with the possibility of looking into the product through a window made from corn starch! A small sticker made from rocks closes each box.

Another important issue in the process, has been avoiding extra plastic, cardboard and redundant double wrapping. A lot of baby products are heavily packed in a bag in a box with and additional paper insert. All relevant info needed is printed on the inside of a NATURSUTTEN box. This saves a lot of impact on our natures resources.