Mixie 4 oz Baby Formula Mixing Bottle



The first baby formula bottle that can be fixed now and mixed later.

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Product Description

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?
A: Fix your Mixie baby formula bottle now and mix it later.

  1. Add formula to compartment. Tap compartment gently on hard surface between scoops to settle powder. (8 oz. Mixie holds up to 4 scoops; 4 oz Mixie holds up to 2 scoops of most leading formula brands.)
  2. Add the water. Formula compartment is a patented, air-tight design.
  3. Push the button on the bottle bottom to release the powder.
  4. Simply shake the bottle until formula is well blended with water. The formula compartment lid works as a free-floating agitator, mixing the formula thoroughly to avoid any clumping.

Q: Is this the only formula-mixing bottle on the market?
A: There isn’t a formula-mixing bottle quite like Mixie. With its patented formula compartment cleverly housed inside the bottle, Mixie is the same size as the bottles consumers are used to. Mixie’s formula compartment releases formula from the bottom of the bottle, to allow for optimal mixing. There’s no chance of formula powder clumps with our formula compartment lid that works as a free-floating agitator.

Q: Will my babysitter have trouble making it work?
A: With Mixie, mommies and daddies can leave baby with a caregiver knowing the formula has been measured just right and that baby will have a bottle at the first sign of hunger. All the babysitter has to do is push the button on the bottle bottom and shake to blend.

Q: How can I be sure there won’t be clumping?
A: Mixie’s formula compartment lid works as an agitator to help break up any formula clumps with just a few shakes.

Q: Why can’t the formula just be mixed with the water to start with?
A: Formula makers recommend that formula be consumed within an hour of mixing, which can be a challenge for parents on the go. With Mixie, the bottle can be fixed now and mixed later — in the Mixie formula compartment, formula powder stays separated from water until baby’s ready for a bottle.

Q: Can all parts be run through the dishwasher?
A: Every part of the Mixie bottle is dishwasher safe. As with most plastics, we recommend using only the top rack of the dishwasher.

Q: Is it Microwave safe?
A: Yes, the Mixie is safe for heating in your microwave. If you do opt to warm the formula using a microwave, please be certain to mix all of the contents completely prior to heating, and test the temperature of the formula to ensure it is not too hot before giving it to your baby. Always shake well to distribute heat evenly.

Q: Are your bottles BPA and PVC free?
A: Yes, our products are free of any harmful chemicals such as phthalates or bisphenol. The plastic materials we use have been proven safe and are 100% BPA and PVC free.

Q: Is Mixie compatible with other bottle nipples?
A: Mixie is compatible with Dr. Brown’s, Born Free, MAM, and Nuk wide neck silicone nipples. The Mixie nipple is also similar in shape to Avent brand nipples, allowing babies to easily transition between Mixie and Avent bottles without nipple confusion.
*Note: when using Nuk nipples with Mixie, be aware that the Nuk nipple hole is on the side of the nipple, so must be be covered with your fingertip when mixing. When using Nuk nipples with Mixie, keep the bottle upright to prevent water spillage out of the Nuk nipple.