LEANDER MATTY Changer – Cappuccino


Did you know that when you have a child, you’re changing diapers 6-10 times a day? That adds up to several thousand diaper changes by the time your child is three! A good changing space with all you need is worth looking at to make your pit stops a real pleasure for baby and for you.

When having a baby, a changing mat is practically indispensable! A changing mat helps you to change diapers in a safe, comfortable and hygienic manner. Matty is a soft cushion mat that can be placed directly on the changing table or on the floor – precisely where you need it


Product Description

  • Easy to Clean
  • All in One Changing Space
  • Waterproof surface
  • Made from molded PUR, soft and comfortable
  • High sides that hinder baby from rolling off the mat
  • 11cm H x 70cm L x 50cm W