Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi


Comfortable, safe, fun & speedy

  • BuggyBoard™ provides security for your child in crowds and high traffic areas. When your child is too tired to walk, or when you are in a hurry, the BuggyBoard™ makes it easy for both of you.


  • The BuggyBoard™ has a universal fit making it suitable for almost all buggies and prams. Please visit our website to find out how well the BuggyBoard™ fits your stroller or pram.

The BuggyBoard™ is designed to easily be attached to the upright tubing of a stroller or to the frame of a pram with a width between uprights of BuggyBoard™ Maxi™ 31 – 54 cm (12″ – 21″). The connectors are made to fit square, oval or round tubing with a maximum circumference of 22.5 cm (9″). No wheel axle is required.

  • Square tubing: Maximum circumference of 16.8 cm / 6.6”; Max. 4.2 x 4.2 cm (1.6” x 1.6”)
  • Round tubing: Min. ø 1 cm (0.4”) Max. ø 6 cm (2.3”); Max. circumference 18.8 cm (7.4”)
  • Oval tubing: Max. circumference 22.5 cm (8.8″)

Fitting Advice is Lascal’s unique invalueable photographic look-up guide. See exactly how to fix the BuggyBoard™ to just about every buggy on the marker. A stand-on platform that attaches to your stroller, allowing an older brother or sister to ride along when he/she is too tired to walk.

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