Cybex ATON Car Seat Base – Black *Limited Stock


The CYBEX Aton 2 Car Seat Base is compatible with the Cybex Aton 2 and the Aton Q Infant car Seat. The Load Leg keeps the seat upright in a crash for maximum protection of the baby’s head, neck and body. The European style Load Leg prevents the seat from rotating forward in a crash and allows the seat to perfectly support the baby’s head, neck and body. It also transfers much of the energy into the vehicle’s floor, decreasing forces on the baby. Pre-installed base conveniently attaches to infant car seat.

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Product Description


  • Child weight ranges: (4 to 22 lb. and 22 to 35 lb.) help to ensure infant car seat is reclined at the proper angle according to the weight of your child
  • Height-adjustable Load Leg absorbs and distributes crash energy to the floor of the vehicle to dramatically reduce the forward pitching of the seat on impact, keeping the child in the correct position during a crash
  • Load leg also helps reduce the risk of Spinal Cord Injury due to stretching the spine, caused by the seat rotating too far forward on impact
  • Solid steel spine creates metal to metal contact through the Load Leg, infant carrier, and the vehicle to add strength and properly manage crash forces
  • Green safety button indicates a secure connection has been made between infant car seat and the base
  • Dual action release prevents accidental release of the infant car seat from the base
  • Unique belt tensioning plate for quick, simple and secure installation when using either LATCH or vehicle seat belts
  • Four-position, spring activated leveling foot for quick and easy infant car seat reclining
  • Infant carrier not included