Coral All in One UV Sterilizer & Dryer


Coral UV is a UV sanitizer and dryer for your baby’s everyday needs. This all-in-one UV sanitizer and dryer does not use steam; it uses ultraviolet C light to destroy 99.9% of germs by breaking their DNA structure and reproduction capability in just 10 minutes. Coral UV also comes with a drying function. After washing bottles and toys, simply use the drying cycle so you don’t need to wipe items dry anymore. With Coral UV, parenting life could never be easier.

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Product Description

Why choose Coral UV

Coral UV uses ultraviolet C light to sanitize, without any liquids or heat. Both waterproof and non-waterproof items can all go into the sanitizer safely. With so much versatility, Coral UV can be used for more than just bottles, plush toys and electronic toys can also be sanitized inside. When the child has outgrown it, parents can continue to use Coral UV for their own items, such as cell phone, make up kits, shaver or small kitchen items.

Safety is our priority

  • Child Safety Switch: If the cover is open while in operation, all functions will stop working and the UV lights will turn off immediately.
  • Medium temperature dryer: The drying cycle only heats up to 55 C, so your things comes out safe to the touch.
  • Top open design : The top-open design ensures that UV stays sealed inside the machine, minimizing the risk of exposure to UV lights. Simply press to open Coral UV with the push of a button.

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