CLEK Fllo Compact Convertible Carseat – Thunder


The 3-Across Convertible Car Seat

At less than 17 inches, Fllo makes it easy to ride 3-across. One of the safest narrow car seats available, it’s packed with industry-leading safety features, including a steel anti-rebound bar, Clek’s patented energy management system – and advanced side-impact protection with deep side wings, energy-absorbing foam layers and an adjustable structural headrest.

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Product Description

Child Height, Weight and Age


  • Height: 25–43 in.
  • Weight: 14–40 lb
  • Minimum Age: Able to sit upright alone
When using with infant-thingy (sold separately), you can accommodate a child that’s 5 lb and 19 in.
  • Height: 30–49 in.
  • Weight: 22–65 lb
  • Minimum Age: 2+ years recommended* (1 year minimum)

* AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics) advises parents to keep their toddlers in Rear-Facing car seats until age 2, or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat.

New in 2019 

For 2019 fllo will be transitioning our current line of Crypton Super Fabrics (shadow, flamingo, cloud, thunder, slate) to Crypton’s C-Zero+ performance fabrics with moisture barrier. The Noire fabric option (available on fllo) will continue to be Crypton Super Fabric. Expect to see 2019 models beginning in March.

What is the difference between C-Zero+ performance fabrics and Crypton Super Fabrics?

Unlike the Crypton Super Fabrics, the C-Zero+ performance fabrics use a fluorine-free chemistry for stain resistance, while still maintaining impermeability to liquids and spills, anti-microbial technology and GREENGUARD Gold certification, and remaining free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants.

Why did Clek move to C-Zero+ chemistry?

As part of our goal of improving our ecological footprint, we are switching to the more environmentally-friendly C-Zero+ chemistry.

Additional information

Weight 16.33 kg
Dimensions 78.74 × 50.8 × 43.82 cm

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