Buckle Me Toasty Car Seat Coat – Little Darling (12m)


Ever buckled a little one in the car seat? You know how tough it is – and taking their warm winter coats off to keep them safely buckled – it makes you want to just stay home for the winter. But you don’t have to feel that way…

Buckle Me has crash-tested so many coats and car seats to create the safest coat for your little one so you can be ready for car seat safety and freezing weather – without any struggles! With our wind and water-resistant red fabric and cozy clementine orange flannel interior – this car seat coat keeps little ones warm all winter long. Fall in love with kangaroo pockets – perfect for hiding tiny treasures or giving cold hands a cozy place to snuggle. Perfect for safer rides in the car and outdoor days in the snow with durable wind and water-resistant exteriors.

Product Description

NOTE: Coats run large for longer wear! No “sizing up” and adding bulk to the back.

  • 100% Polyester

  • Care Instructions: Machine wash

  • Season: Fall/Winter


Made in China