Banana Panda The Way I See It Educational Flash Cards 0m+


It’s never too early to explore the world!

These double-sided, extra-large educational cards with twenty-four illustrations are suitable for the smallest infants, who can only see high contrast colors and distinct contours. Durable pages and a novel format are convenient for parents, who can use the flash cards in many different ways.

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Product Description

Each set includes a guide prepared by child psychologist Agnieszka Ostapczuk containing information about early child development for parents. The guide explains the importance of encouraging brain development at an early stage and how The Way I See It Educational Flash Cards can help.

NOTE: This product is intended as an educational tool to be shown to your baby.


  • Showing your baby educational cards:
    • stimulates your baby’s brain
    • develops concentration
    • focuses and strengthens baby’s eye muscles
    • helps to build visual and spatial awareness
  • Play between parent and child builds a closer bond, helps baby to learn about the world and prepares them to learn speech
  • Extra-large cards are made of high-quality, thick cardboard, convenient for parents
  • The handy box with a practical, sturdy handle makes it a great gift


Set contains:

  • 12 flash cards (24 images)
  • Guide for parents

Product dimensions:
Card size 16x16cm/6×6”

Packaging dimensions:

Use only under close adult supervision