Banana Panda Match The Buddies Puzzle 15m+


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This creative play serves as a first puzzle and a sorting toy. It encourages toddlers to create and discover while playing with round shapes. Children are free to experiment and mix the pieces, as the set promotes the natural dynamic of learning instead of pushing kids into self-correcting schemes.

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Product Description

Creative puzzles will help toddlers learn shapes, colors, animals and the sounds they make.


  • Arranging and assembling puzzle pieces:
    • trains logical thinking and concentration
    • helps develop motor skills
    • encourages kids to explore non-obvious combinations
  • Extra-large puzzle pieces made of high-quality, thick cardboard are perfect for little hands
  • The handy box with a practical handle makes it a great gift


Set contains:

  • 24 pieces (12 puzzles)

Product dimensions:
Each puzzle measures 18×10.5cm/7×4”

Packaging dimensions: