Baby Brezza Natural Bottle 5 oz/ 150ml – White


Thanks to having the most breast-like nipple design available, the Baby Brezza Polypropylene Bottles best mimic natural breastfeeding. Which not only means optimal development for your baby, but easier transitions from breast to bottle for those who need it. In a sense this bottle was born for your baby.

The Baby Brezza Bottle. Designed with features that offer you a healthy and clean feeding experience.

Product Description

• Breast-like nipple. Promotes healthy oral development and eases transitions from breast to bottle and back, while limiting nipple confusion.
• Anti-colic TruFlo Vent System. Greatly minimizes gas for baby’s comfort.
• Only two parts (plus the cover) make the bottle amazingly easy to clean and assemble.
• Ultra-wide mouth is easy to fill and clean
• Ergonomic shape.
• Developed in conjunction with a lactation counsellor.
• BPA-free polypropylene construction
• Available in 5 and 9 oz. sizes
• Dishwasher safe