Tenth & Pine

Kerynn is the Owner + Creator of Tenth & PineĀ®.
Having Stage 4 Endometriosis, Kerynn was given a less than 1% chance of ever conceiving naturally. Magically 10 years later, to her surprise she was pregnant! Once miracle baby Ezra Jade was born, Kerynn began loving all things baby; clothing, accessories, and anything unique that wasn’t easily found in stores.
As a SAHM with a Masters in Business, she decided to create a shop that made it easier for anyone to buy for kids. Tenth & Pine is changing the way you shop for Littles by creating gender neutral, USA made, organic, eco- friendly collections. No more searching boy/girl sections!
You can find timeless pieces to pass down from one babe to the next, regardless if it’s a boy or girl!
Based out of Los Angeles, California.

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