Little Love Bug Company

Sole Mom behind the scenes of this boutique shop, I’m Leslie Nelson. I run Little Love Bug Company out of my home.

Raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest; I’m a sleep deprived Mom in Portland, Oregon who wears yoga pants and hopes to one day sleep through the night again. I love all things coffee (because I need the caffeine), my friends (because life can be hard), a good laugh (apparently my laugh is fairly recognizable), and my family (they’re my rock).

I left a corporate sales gig for a much more difficult job – to stay home with and raise my two daughters. I created Little Love Bug: after my own children, whom I call my “Little Love Bugs”. Little Love Bug Co gives my brain another avenue of thought beyond unicorns, never ending laundry, “toot” jokes, and the typical growing pains of my little stinkers. ?

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