Gautier Studio

A way of seeing, understanding, interpreting the world, the things of life, which guides behaviour.

That’s what Gautier Studio is, a philosophy that adapts to the curious glance of children, their way of playing, relaxing and waking up. It is also an ambitious team supported by design professionals, customers who continue to follow the adventure year after year and sales outlets that are flourishing to offer what’s best. It’s a real community that is forming as the collections grow, always searching for new inspirations, clever and aesthetic designs, all in joy and good humor.

Gautier Studio is inspired by children because they clearly have the best philosophy of life. The co-founder, Maryline Lambelin, makes the brand evolve with the growth of her youngest son. She observes her needs and behaviours with the aim of adapting Gautier Studio products to them. They are therefore tested and approved by a competent and expert judge.
The themes of the collections are developed around play, creativity and inspiration because learning is at the heart of product design. Moreover, we adhere to the principles of Montessori pedagogy. Games are no longer relegated to the playrooms; on the contrary, they harmonize perfectly with the interior of the house.
So it’s fun and entertaining, but also aesthetic. The products are always designed with pleasant colours, black and white tones and minimalist graphic shapes. Safety and solidity are also one of the priorities in order to allow children to evolve in complete peace of mind. However, the larger ones are not put aside. Gautier Studio has thought of them by creating furniture, decorations and clever accessories for the whole house.

Gautier Studio is also and above all a local story: the collections are created with the objective of offering natural products, often made of wood, and designed in our Montreal workshop. We often welcome new designers who bring their personal and original touch to the Gautier universe.
Maryline’s ambition is now to have Gautier Studio travel all over the world to share her philosophy!