Money-saving, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to washing detergent – uses natural cleaning pellets that contain no harsh chemicals Lasts for up to 720 washes, that’s 3 years’ of washing for the average family at just 3p per wash Completely replaces normal washing detergent – no liquid or powder required.

The Natural Detergent Breakthrough

The award winning laundry egg is a complete replacement for washing detergent. Just pop it in to your washing machine – no powder liquids or gels required.

The two types of mineral pellets inside the egg work together to produce a powerful but natural cleaning agent that powers through your clothes fibers lifting off the dirt and grime.

Our innovative Ecoegg Laundry Egg is a real alternative to harsh chemicals providing great results, naturally. Plus it’s refillable, saving you money and helping the environment. eco-friendly eco-friendly eco-friendly and safe for sensitive skin types prone to eczema!

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