Blooming Bath

Cofounded by four fathers Eric Devericks, Brian Pond, David Morelock and Tom Morris they rolled out their first product: Blooming Bath. The flower-shaped bath pillow conforms to the shape of any sink – and keeps those little wiggle worms right where they belong. It’s durable, easy to clean and unbelievably adorable.
“We all know how hard it is to be good parents” Morris said. “If we can do anything to make other parents lives easier, that makes us happy.”
“When you can take a problem and solve it, that feels great” Devericks added. “And when you can take a problem and solve it for a lot of other people, that feels even better. But when you can take a problem and turn the answer into something that’s just so darn adorable – well, there’s just no topping that.”

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