Easter Basket Reservation

Mark your calendar!  Easter is: Sunday March 31st 2024.. 

It’s that time of year!  We have opened our books so you can reserve our ever-popular annual Custom Easter Baskets.

How does it work?  You complete the form below and include any information you believe we need in order to make magic happen.  Does your little one need new shoes?  A sun-hat?  New swimwear?  Do they love puzzles? Dinosaurs?  Need a new doll?  Simply set your budget, share some details and we will do the rest!  (Don’t worry: We always reach out for approval prior to wrapping)  

Have questions?  Please do not hesitate to ask by phoning 519-735-0035 or emailing info@threelambs.ca

    (we prefer to have the ability to text you for additional info if possible)

    Please detail your child’s interest or any special requests

    Should you require more than one basket, please complete a separate form per basket. So that the information is specific per child.

    (Your Custom Basket will be at the store by the date you have selected, please phone the day before to confirm or email info@threelambs.ca, if you have cookies with your basket order and wish to pick up prior to March 29th, we will have them aside and not in the basket so you can refrigerate or freeze them to maintain freshness. Un-refrigerated cookies should be consumed within 7-days.)

    I agree, please accept my orderI do not agree, please cancel my order