4 Tips For Designing A Nursery In A Small Space

Oh, what would we all give to be able to afford to renovate and add extra space every time a new member is added to the family! While that isn’t entirely possible, the good news is that babies don’t take up much space. But their stuff? That’s a whole different story. Families that live in small houses and apartments often spend countless hours mulling over where they will place the nursery when their littlest member arrives. To alleviate some of that stress, we have created a list of a few ingenious ideas that will allow fitting in all that your little one needs into the space you have.


3 Must-Haves Before You Welcome Your Baby into the World

Before welcoming your baby into the world it is important that you are prepared with all the newborn essentials at least a couple of weeks in advance. While every soon to be a parent knows how vital it is to stock up on diapers and bibs, some may not think beyond that, and others may prefer to shop only after the birth of the child. In both cases, it is advisable to research the basics, prepare a list, and have an online cart ready so that when the time comes you just have to place an order! Your baby essentials shopping list must always include body supports for car seats and strollers. JJ Cole’s reversible body support graphite is a good choice.