4 Tips For Designing A Nursery In A Small Space

Oh, what would we all give to be able to afford to renovate and add extra space every time a new member is added to the family! While that isn’t entirely possible, the good news is that babies don’t take up much space. But their stuff? That’s a whole different story. Families that live in small houses and apartments often spend countless hours mulling over where they will place the nursery when their littlest member arrives. To alleviate some of that stress, we have created a list of a few ingenious ideas that will allow fitting in all that your little one needs into the space you have.

nursery baby furniture

1. Opt for small furniture pieces.
When shopping for a crib for your baby, it may seem tempting to choose some of the bigger models, but placing them may be a problem if your house does not have a lot of space. With mini cribs, you can enjoy all the features of a traditional crib sans the bulk. Not only do they look adorable but they also take up very little space.

2. Is the changing table that important?
Changing tables are surely a functional piece of furniture, but they are a tad bit unnecessary, especially if you are trying to optimize space usage in your nursery. Instead, you can go for a smarter alternative like adding a change pad to your dresser top.

3. Optimize space usage
When designing a nursery in a small room, the idea is to make use of every square inchcreativelyand for it not to seem too cluttered.Airy is key.Is there room beneath your crib to use for storage? Use it, and mask it with a cute crib skirt. Can you add cute baskets on the floor or shelves for the little things you need tucked away but within reach? There are many ways to create useable space out of sight, even in a small room.

4. Smart storage is the way to go
Smart storage is a must-have for small nurseries. Whether it’s a crib with under drawers or a, you need to find pieces that will allow you to maximize storage without stealing a lot of floor space.

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